OBS stands for OM BHUR BHUVAH SWAHA - a sacred hymn  from ancient  Indian scriptures which codifies the ideas and practices of the Vedic religion and form the foundation of classical Hinduism called Veda. The sentences of the hymn signifies the prayer to walk on the righteous path which leads to beautiful constructive thinking.

At OBS Green Express we believe in the motto "Art Delivers Hope". For us delivering quality logistics services, is an art which can bring hope to people around the world. Whether it is a consignment for a remote corner of the country or a corporate client aspiring to achieve business success, our motto revolves around you, the client, to bring you hope and deliver it with the highest responsibility.

OBS Green Express is the ship of hope to you, our esteemed client, which is navigated towards the right destination by our customer-centric captains.

"We feel asphyxiated if any of our customers ever feels losing hope and instantly with total efficiency, we put our best to resolve."

Steps to save Mother Nature – We also feel traumatized if causalities happen to our environment. therefore we opt for ecofreindly electronic billing systems which in turn implies negligible paper consumption and renewable stationary products.

Global warming, deforestation, loss of floras and faunas, damage to ecosystems and biomes, particulate pollution, excess consumption of non –renewable sources of energy,  smog, ozone layer depletion, extinction of species, acid rain etc  are the serious life threatening issues which indeed demand immediate care and action.

It was a tough proposition to incorporate “nature” in supply chain solutions. To achieve this goal, every step of freight forwarding is done by considering nature’s health and safety.

"Plants are living beings which only accept whatever comes from its own roots and translocates the same to the branches and finally deliver its exuberance through flowers."

We have commenced gifting of these beautiful creatures to every customer thereby inspiring them towards a plantation drive. We even proposed the same idea to the Prime Minister’s Office – INDIA, to usher in an era of gifting of small plants in every manual transaction in the corporate and various business sectors.

Can you guess how much plantations could be done in this manner!

That’s the endeavor of OBS Green Express.

We have voyaged so far primarily because of our customer’s trust and shall always stand by our customers to serve their needs.

“Hope is a waking dream” – Aristotle.